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Our Comprehensive Listing of Online Compliance Courses

Impact Compliance Training provides online training course modules in the areas of harassment prevention (NY, CA, IL), employment law, compliance, and others. We have over 30 course titles in our online training library below.


Harrassment & Discrimination Prevention

Course versions include California, New York, Delaware, Maine, Connecticut, Canada, US, Healthcare, Warehouse, Restaurant, University, Automotive, supervisors and non supervisor

Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations that have seen the critical need to attract and retain diverse talent and have made diversity and inclusion part of their core values have proven to be far more successful than those that have not

HIPAA Basics

Focusing on HIPAA privacy compliance, this comprehensive course covers all aspects of HIPAA privacy

Workplace Violence Prevention

This course covers the deep physical and emotional impact and the loss in time, money and reputation from violence in the workplace can have a catastrophic impact on organizations and how to prevent. California required healthcare OSHA Title VIII version available 

Active Shooter Best Practices

This course covers how to react when a shooting begins, how to spot the signs of a disturbed co-worker and security measures that can slow down or prevent an attack

HIPAA Basics

Focusing on HIPAA privacy compliance, this comprehensive course covers all aspects of HIPAA privacy

Wage & Hour Compliance

This thorough course on wage and hour compliance breaks the Fair Labor Standards Act down into simple to understand terms

EEO Best Practices

This course on Equal Employment Opportunity covers all federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace.

Interviewing & Hiring Best Practices

Make sure your employees understand exactly what they can and cannot ask in interviews and avoid potential legal liability that could have a catastrophic impact on your organization

Performance Review Best Practices

This course covers how to conduct performance appraisals that are fair and legally defensible in court

Data Security & Privacy

This data security course covers the cost of data theft, passwords, safe email, phishing, social engineering, WiFi security, home networks, USB drives, security updates and protecting social media accounts

ADA Compliance

This course details the Americans with Disabilities Act with a full HD video followed by an employee quiz

Preventing Bullying in the Workplace

This course helps your employees spot workplace bullying and make sure they understand the type of behavior that is unacceptable in the workplace

Ethics & Code of Conduct

This workplace ethics course focuses on the specific behaviors that are unethical in the workplace and will let your employees know what is unacceptable in every workplace

Insider Trading

Using clear, concise, easy-to-under language, this course thoroughly outlines insider trading law in terms that every employee will understand

Foreign COrrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

A thorough breakdown of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, this course will ensure that your employees understand the law and avoid violations that result in civil and criminal penalties


This course breaks down the law into simple, easy-to-understand terms and will give your team the information they need to know to stay free of violations

Social Media Best Practices

This course covers preventing employment law violations, release confidential information or damage an organization's reputation through social media

Emailing & Texting in the Workplace

This course covers all the legal risks of email, describing how email and text messaging work and details why they are not safe in many workplace situations

Leandership Through Communication

Leadership is about working with your people, not against them, and effective communication is essential to leading your team


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