Learning Management System (LMS)

We know that our sexual harassment training programs can't be your full-time job, that's why Impact Compliance offers solutions to monitor the training progress of every employee taking our program. Our integrated Learning Management System (LMS) sends course assignments, tracks employee progress, allows for reporting, and provides automated email reminders on past due course assignments.

We know how difficult it can be to train employees that aren't sitting in front of a desk. Our  Learning Platform has a unique self-registration process that allows courses to be deployed by access code on a smartphone, tablet, or computer kiosk even without an email. We've created an innovative training model that can be used for any employee regardless of technology restrictions.

From automated course reassignments to integrating with an HRIS or another LMS platform, we know how important it is to have the tools and technology to make training administration scalable and efficient. We also know that providing pre and post-course assessments are critical to measuring effectiveness and knowledge gain. 

We provide a dedicated customer-success manager who works with you to set up and deploy your training and shares best practices to ensure high course completion rates. We've created a white-paper that outlines the functionality of our LMS. You can review the document here: Impact Compliance LMS Overview

Some of the additional tools included in our LMS platform include:

Interactive Functionality (CA/NY)

Interactive function allows employees to submit course questions to subject matter experts (ours or yours) and get a response back within a reasonable time frame. Required under California and New York training mandates

Self Registration-No Email Required

Courses can be deployed by access code through a self-registration process for employees that don't have an email address

Robust Features

Course location management, company policy quizzes, answer completion report, ability to host customer course, internal complaint process (NYC), & flexible customization options

Record Archive

Training records are permanently maintained in the LMS, exceeding the time prerequisite for most state laws

Email Reminders

Keep your employees current with automated email reminders, notifications, and completion messages

Auto Course Re-Assignment

Removes the complexity of meeting retraining requirements under state law by creating automatic course re-assignment by completion date

Surveys & Assessments

Pre and post-course assessments and surveys available to measure knowledge gains and behavior change


In addition to preventing harassment in the workplace, we have a catalog with over 40 training titles in the areas of employment law, code of conduct, and leadership including:

  • Diversity & Inclusion                                     
  • Workplace Violence Prevention & Active Shooter
  • Ethics & Code of Conduct, FCPA, & Insider Trading
  • HIPAA 
  • Management & Leadership
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Wage & Hour
  • Interviewing & Hiring


As employment discrimination and harassment law evolve, our experienced legal team proactively updates our content to reflect legislative changes. As soon as a law is passed, our platform is capable of adapting material with a two to four-week turnaround. Our staff is dedicated to keeping our modules up to date and to ensuring your company remains in compliance with state law.


Impact Compliance programs are fully customization to your brand. There is a variety of standard customizations available including colors, logo, policy, and welcome letter. From quizzes on your company's policies to industry-specific modifications, there are a host of additional customization options available to meet your needs and objectives. Our flexible learning platform allows for scalable and cost-effective customized solutions..


In addition to our compliance training programs, we offer an additional catalog of over 40 additional courses available in our platform for purchase.