Violence Prevention Compliance Training for Healthcare Employers

No one should feel frightened or threatened in the workplace. Unfortunately, two million American workers are victims of workplace violence every year1. In an effort to minimize incidents, California under Cal/OSHA Title 8 Section 3342, enacted a violence protection law that requires employers in operations identified as healthcare facilities to educate and train their employers on workplace violence prevention.

On April 1, 2017, California under Cal/OSHA Title 8, Section 3342 (f)(1)(c) stated: “Training not given in person shall fulfill all the subject matter requirements of subsection (f)(1) and shall provide for interactive questions to be answered within one business day by a person knowledgeable about the employer's workplace violence prevention plan.” In other words, the interactive training doesn’t have to be completed in person. Additionally, once the course is completed, employees have one day to complete follow-up questions.

At Impact Compliance Training, we'll ensure your organization meets all of California's State law sexual harassment training requirements through an online program and plan while promoting a safe and secure workplace.


The Cal/OSHA Title 8, Section 3342 requires healthcare facilities to supply their employees with the proper training to minimize workplace violence as well as how to react if an incident does occur. In order to comply with the state’s regulations, the training must:

  • Cover four specific different types of violence
  • Incorporate their workplace violence prevention plan into the training with the Cal/OSHA six required elements
  • Online training must have a mechanism for employees to ask questions on the plan or training interactively from a designated expert.
  • Offer plan and course questions to prove employees engagement and understanding
  • Provide methods of recognizing, preventing  and reporting violence to or from patients
  • Ability to provide live on-site self-defense demonstrations and train the trainer programs


All healthcare employees identified in Cal/OSHA Title VIII section 3342 must train all employees on workplace violence prevention and identified at-risk healthcare workers must complete workplace violence prevention training annually.

To ensure everyone—including employees and supervisors—is up-to-date, ICT’s training includes a comprehensive curriculum, self-defense demonstrations, and interactive courses. To simplify the process for your Risk and HR department and your employees, we also provide automatic email reminders, reporting features, and tracking capabilities for your record keeping needs. ICT’S easy-to-use online Learning Management System (LMS) even allows you to assign and track online courses for all staff members.

Impact Compliance Training is here to help you build a safer environment while meeting California's workplace violence prevention training mandates and California state law sexual harassment training. Through our use of engaging instructional design and a user-friendly platform, you'll meet all of the California training and plan requirements while creating a workplace environment where your staff can dedicate their full attention to their patient's care.

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