Harassment Prevention Training for Maine, Connecticut, and Delaware


Has everyone at your company who’s required to take a sexual harassment training course had the opportunity to do so? Running a business requires numerous moving parts and people in different places all at once, which means that training shouldn't be anyone's full time job. That’s why online harassment training makes perfect sense for all kinds of organizations. At Impact Compliance, our online sexual harassment training provides a scalable and efficient interactive education that meets all state requirements, including harassment compliance training in Delaware

Federal workplace harassment and discrimination prevention statutes contend that each employer should provide awareness training to employees. However, select states, including Maine, Connecticut, and Delaware, have their own specific mandates to follow. Some regulations require training every two years, while others demand it annually.

Furthermore, the size of the organization affects who must be trained. Before implementing a sexual harassment prevention training in your business, you’ll need to understand your state's requirements. Please contact us today to receive a free course trial.


Starting on January 1, 2019, Delaware will require employers with 50 or more employees (unlike other states, this total number doesn’t include contractors) to provide sexual harassment prevention training. This interactive course must address the illegality and definition of sexual harassment. Additionally, legal remedies must be described with directions on how to contact the Delaware Department of Labor. Lastly, the training must inform all employees that retaliation is illegal.

The interactive course must be provided to all employees and supervisors within one year of employment, or by January 1, 2020, for existing workers. In other words, employers must have everyone trained with the exception of independent contractors, employees of less than six months, or temporary workers. After the original course is completed, training must be repeated every two years.

Employers must provide additional training to supervisors that includes the specific responsibilities of a managers role in the prevention and correction of sexual harassment as well as legal consequences of retaliation.


In 1992, Connecticut was the second state to enforce sexual harassment prevention training for employers. Any workplace that has 50 or more people employed must provide at least two hours of training for all supervisors and managers within the organization. On June 18, 2019, Governor Ned Lamont signed into law the "Times Up Act" which requires employers with three or more employees to train all employees and supervisors for two hours on harassment prevention by October 1, 2020. The law goes into effect October 1, 2019. This requirement must be completed within six months of employee hire date. The topics covered in the training to include:

  • Definition of sexual harassment
  • Description of remedies available
  • Different types of misconduct
  • Federal and state laws
  • Strategies for sexual harassment prevention

MAINE TITLE 26, §807

As the first state to implement a sexual harassment prevention mandate, employers in Maine with 15 or more employees are required to provide annual training within one year of hiring a new employee. The interactive course must include:

  • Definitions, descriptions, and examples
  • Directions on how to contact the Maine Human Rights Commission
  • Explanations of the internal compliant system
  • Protection against retaliation
  • The legal resources available
  • Written notices of the unlawfulness of sexual harassment

In addition to annual training for all employees, supervisors and managers must receive additional yearly training that includes their specific responsibilities and the appropriate way to address complaints.


Meeting state law training requirements can be challenging and complex. Impact Compliance Training courses provide impactful and engaging experiences that promote a respectful and inclusive workplace that are state law versioned. By choosing ICT's innovative programs, your organization can educate employees in the most effective way possible while meeting state-training mandates with company branded course content.

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