How Online Sexual Harassment Training is Flexible and Scalable

The state of California takes sexual harassment very seriously. Since the #MeToo has brought so much attention to this type of behavior in the workplace, business owners are now required by law to be proactive. If you are a business owner with more than five employees, you must conduct sexual harassment training sessions once every two years for your workers. Everyone knows that this is important information that needs to be shared often. However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to gather all of their employees in the same place at the same time to conduct this training. This is a common problem for most employers. That’s why it’s important to understand the benefits of online sexual harassment training in California.

Online Training Is Flexible

Today, businesses work in a variety of different ways. Your employees probably have different schedules and workloads. Conducting the required sexual harassment training online allows each of your employees to complete the program at their own pace and convenience. The online programs will enable each employee to log in and track where they left off. This also allows business owners to track their progress.

Online Training Is Comprehensive

People will always wonder if providing information online instead of face-to-face will take away from the learning experience. With the success of online education today, we know that’s not a problem in this case. The online learning environment allows your employees to view videos, see examples of inappropriate behavior, and review other pertinent information on an interactive platform. This type of setting is great for providing information about abusive conduct, discrimination, gender-based harassment, or domestic violence. Conducting the training online allows your employees to have access to tons of information that’s right at their fingertips.

Online Training Is Scalable

Companies like Impact Compliance Training also want you to know that their online courses are scalable. If you’re afraid of dumping too much important information onto your team without time to process, the online training schedule can help with that. Employees have access to each portion of the training one session at a time. This means that they can absorb each section and move onto new material when they’re ready.

Stop Harasment

Online Training Is Documented for Reference

One key advantage to online sexual harassment training is the fact that all of your sessions are recorded and tracked. This comes in handy if there’s an issue with a specific employee in the future. You’ll know exactly what material was covered when it was covered, and if your employee completed it properly. That way, you can go back and reference a specific topic and why it was important. For instance, one employee has inappropriately touched another in the workplace. You can reference the exact moment in time when that employee learned about inappropriate touch in the workplace. This tool is very useful for human resources and management. Just remember that not all online sexual harassment training programs are created equal.

Training for Employees that Don’t Have Email or Computer Access

Lastly, many non supervisors don’t have email or computer access. Impact Compliance Training has created two options to provide training to this group of employees. First, a unique course access code is created which the employee uses to login and create an account with self registration. Once the employee has entered their name, they go right in and take the course. A completion notification goes automatically back to the training administrator to confirm course completion. The second method is to display the course in a group setting projected on a screen. Since the course is developed and supported by subject matter experts, any employee can facilitate the group session. Once completed, we upload the completion records into our learning platform so that you have the training records stored to meet the two year maintenance requirements.

You want the most flexible and efficient training program. We can help! Contact a representative at Impact Compliance Training today for more information on how you can get access to a free online trial!