Is Harassment Training Legally Required for My Business?

A number of states have passed statutes requiring harassment training. As a result of recent news it’s likely the remaining states will be creating legislation. Even if they don’t, given federal and state laws, regulations, and court decisions there are good reasons for employers to voluntarily provide anti-harassment training to all employees in all states. Sexual harassment training in Delaware is important because on January 1, 2019, HB260 goes into effect.

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

HB260 requires employers in Delaware (with 50 or more employees) to provide interactive training and education to employees regarding the prevention of sexual harassment. A convenient way to provide interactive training is to offer online harassment training in Delaware.

A required schedule has been established for this training.

  • New staff employees must be trained within a year of their date of employment and again every 2 years.
  • Employees: Current staff members must be trained within a year of January 1, 2019 and every 2 years thereafter.
  • New Supervisors: Supervisors are to receive training within a year of their date of employment and then every 2 years.
  • Existing Supervisors: All current supervisors are to be trained within a year of their date of employment and then every 2 years.

Training Must Include

Sexual harassment training courses in Delaware must:

  1. Provide a clear understanding that sexual harassment is illegal
  2. Give a definition of sexual harassment and give examples
  3. Instruct on the legal remedies and complaint process available to employees
  4. Include clear directions and information on how to contact the Department of Labor
  5. Provide instruction regarding the legal prohibition against retaliation

Training for supervisors must explain the specific responsibilities of a supervisor with regard to the prevention and correction of sexual harassment, as well as the legal prohibition against retaliation.

Good Policy

Training on standards of behavior and the actions to take if an employee thinks they’ve experienced harassment reinforce your policy and communicate that the company is serious about preventing harassment and about imposing penalties on violations.

Training supervisors prepare front line employees to prevent potential problems or to address them effectively and ensure your company is legally compliant. Sexual harassment training in Delaware will help your company defend itself against harassment claims.