Top Tips for New York Anti-Harassment Training

When your employees hear that it’s time for a mandated anti-harassment training, you may not get the best response. Most workers actually support an anti-harassment agenda and want to treat each other with respect. However, being subjected to online sexual harassment training in New York can spark some resistance. That’s mainly due to the fact that anti-harassment training courses usually get a bad rap. They’re infamous for being dull and sometimes even awkward. Thankfully, there are some ways to spice up your training to make it more creative and straightforward. Here are some expert tips to help you deliver your training successfully and get the response you’re looking for from your team.

Avoid Listing Rules and Focus on Behaviors

Instead of reading a list of rules and regulations, focus on the different behaviors and actions that fall into a harassment category. For instance, instead of just saying “remember to respect personal space,” explain all of the different behaviors that represent this action. Handshakes are common and a sign of respect, however, a coworker shouldn’t be giving you an uninvited shoulder massage. This way your team can visualize the different inappropriate behaviors without having to guess what “inappropriate” really means. The more specific, the better.

Make It Relevant

Try not to use fear tactics or unimaginable scenarios that don’t resonate with your team. If it’s relevant to them, their experiences, and even their industry, they’re more likely to be responsive to the materials. They will quickly lose interest if the training involves examples that don’t affect them or their office culture. Connect with management and human resources to see if there are any harassment issues that are specific to your office. Try to address these issues first.

Emphasize the Seriousness of the Issue

While using a little bit of humor here and there can be effective as a communication tool, you don’t want the entire training to be a joke. You have to remind your team of how serious harassment is. While some behaviors are inappropriate, others are illegal. Employees must be aware that they need to take this instruction seriously. They should also understand that they can easily lose their jobs and face serious consequences if they’re accused of harassment. It’s important for all members of the staff to understand what a victim of harassment goes through in an office setting. Remember to encourage them to ask questions, provide their own examples, and keep the discussion substantive.Employees Sitting in Circle

Include Training for Supervisors

To assure that you’re creating a safe and respectful environment for your employees, you have to remember to include training for supervisors as well. They will be the ones who handle harassment complaints. They’ll need to be able to provide support and empathy to victims of harassment. They’ll also need to know the proper steps to halting the harassing behavior. This is always easier said than done. Harassment is a serious issue and supervisors need to be ready for any situation. If you’d like more information on anti-harassment training courses in New York, reach out to a representative at Impact Compliance Training. They’re the absolute best when it comes to compliance training for your company! Give them a call today to learn more about how they can help you and your team.