Reasons Your Company Needs Sexual Harassment Compliance Training

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Sexual Harassment training is a standard in compliance training for quite a few states, like California and New York, for many practical reasons. First and foremost, sexual harassment is abhorrent in the workplace because it contaminates a safe workplace culture for everybody and impacts the targeted employees’e health and well-being. Frankly speaking, your business will suffer if it is negligent about sexual harassment in the workplace. Of course, when you’re considering how to plan and implement sexual harassment compliance training you are not alone in your work.

There are many options out there for employers to turn to, such as attorneys, professors of workplace law, HR professionals trained in sexual harassment, and even online interactive compliance training providers. At Impact Compliance Training we provide harassment training services so that your business is compliant with state requirements and that your employees understand the impact of sexual harassment. 

Why does your company need sexual harassment compliance training?

  • Increases employee productivity.
  • Protection from charges of negligence.
  • Retaining diverse workforce.

With all these inherent benefits, it is no wonder that workplaces are taking sexual harassment seriously these days. When you trust Impact Compliance Training with your compliance training, your workforce and company culture will become much stronger for it.

Increasing Employee Productivity

It should go without saying that an employee who is being sexually harassed is not performing at their peak capacity. Employees who are harassed will not feel valued by their workplace, and therefore feel uncommitted to their job, work, and productivity. When employees do not feel valued at their workplace, they will simply look for work elsewhere, contributing to another host of problems related to turnover rate, loss of talent, diversity, and more.

Additionally, employees who are being harassed may not choose to leave their job, but they may suffer from compulsive absenteeism. They may feel compelled to call out sick more, be late, or take a leave of absence. This can lead to your business spending more on temp workers, overtime costs for other employees, and sick leave costs. It is in the business’s best interest financially to protect its employees for a happier, more productive workforce. Investing in robust sexual harassment compliance training will facilitate a workplace environment that retains employees.

Protect Your Business From Charges of Liability

Suppose your business isn’t doing enough to stop sexual harassment. In that case, upper management is turning a blind eye, or management is facilitating harassment by not taking it seriously, then your business may be liable for damages. If your business learned about an act of sexual harassment, it needs to consult the proper processes for handling such an event. This involves an internal investigation, employee discipline, and even termination if the situation warrants it. If an act of sexual harassment is reported and management does not pursue it past the complaint, then they are opening the company open to a lawsuit.

Sexual harassment compliance training protects the business from these charges. It ensures that employees understand that the business does not tolerate such behavior and properly informs all employees of the relevant procedures and policies to support victims of harassment. Leadership should undergo additional training for handling complaints to understand the processes in place if such an event occurs.

You Empower Your Workforce

Sexual Harassment in the workplace does not have to be driven by desire, it can be motivated by a number of other things such as sex, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy status, and more. If your employees are being harassed based on any of the characteristics above, it will encourage a less diverse workplace overall. If bullying employees can get away with bullying female employees or pregnant employees, then the environment will become toxic for everybody who shares those traits.

Diversity is essential in a business because it emphasizes inclusion, encourages different vantage points and perspectives, and allows the company to thrive in more markets and remain competitive. Losing out on these positive benefits due to negligence should not be tolerated.

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