What to look for in Sexual Harassment Training Providers

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Sexual harassment covers a range of complaints such as harassment on the basis of gender, pregnancy and marital status, sexuality, and more. It also covers various actions that may not necessarily be as blatant as physical touching or verbal assault. A sexual harassment training provider addresses the various forms of sexual harassment, the impacts this type of harassment has on the workplace, and what processes are in place to resolve such issues. Choosing a sexual harassment training provider may take work, but you must select the best-suited one to engage your employees with this critical material.

Here are the top things to consider when choosing a sexual harassment training provider:

What does the material cover?

You want to identify the core curriculum of the sexual harassment training providers. What are they teaching, and what do they highlight? By increasing awareness of sexual harassment more broadly, behaviors can be rooted out and deterred before causing serious damage to employees and the company. The material the training providers cover should cover a breadth of sexual harassment-related issues, such as:

  • Sexual comments
  • Inappropriate gestures and requests
  • Sharing inappropriate material
  • Physical contact

If your employees misunderstand what constitutes sexual harassment, they may be likely to commit a violation of your policy. For instance, do they realize that unwarranted touching could infringe on a coworker’s right to a safe working environment? These types of issues may seem obvious, but a sexual harassment provider that does not cover all its necessary bases will not communicate all the crucial material your employees need.

Do they divide or unite?

A positive sexual harassment provider does not attempt to divide coworkers by its material. Overly aggressive modules may promote more harm in the workplace and victimize some employees with hurtful stereotypes or divisive language. Instead, a positive sexual harassment provider unites workers under the common good of a safer work environment for all. If a sexual harassment provider is missing language of unity and togetherness, then your training program may suffer from a despondent workforce.

Do they include management?

Sexual harassment providers should offer a curriculum that does more than just identify the behaviors that constitute harassment. A successful curriculum establishes standards for management and leadership. When leadership is on the same page about sexual harassment in the workplace, the work culture will benefit from a unified front against harassment. In New York, supervisors must undergo two hours of training in addition to the mandatory sexual harassment training expected of every employee. 

What are they offering virtually?

Remote work is likely here to stay for the various benefits to workplace resources, work-life balance, and productivity. Are the sexual harassment training providers responding to this with personalized modules for people who don’t work in the office? While most workers are at home, this may be the perfect opportunity to squeeze in remote training so workers stay informed and on top of their sexual harassment training.

The pandemic has impacted various sectors for better or worse. While some businesses may be thriving now more than ever, others will struggle to fill the time of their full-time employees. Interactive online sexual harassment training keeps employees engaged with their mandatory training while maximizing their time spent working. 

These online training modules should also address virtual harassment. Just because many people work remotely does not mean harassment will cease to exist. Now, it will be necessary for these providers to address issues with email etiquette and video conferencing software to meet the demands of a changing workforce.

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